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Milica Miočević, PhD

[Mee-lee-tza Mee-o-che-vitj]


Department of Psychology, McGill University

William Dawson Scholar

I received my PhD in Quantitative Psychology from Arizona State University in 2017. My research interests revolve around mediation analysis and Bayesian methods applied to social science and health research. More specifically, I have three research lines that focus on: 1) optimal methods for using historical data and pilot studies to create informative prior distributions for Bayesian mediation analysis, 2) methods for synthesizing findings about the mediated effect in the presence of important between-study differences (e.g., samples from different populations), and 3) mediation analysis in Single Case Experimental Designs (SCEDs). 



Lihan (Bill) Chen

I graduated with a major in cognitive science and a minor in psychology at Simon Fraser University. After working in the industry as a data analyst for a few years upon graduation, I continued to pursue academic studies at the University of British Columbia, receiving an M.A. and Ph.D. in quantitative psychology. My primary research interest and expertise are missing data. Some of my other research interests include measurement, structural equation modeling, Bayesian data analysis, meta-analysis, and replicability.



Nika Zahedi

I graduated from University of Toronto, with an Honours B.Sc. in Psychology Research Specialist. 

I am interested in Bayesian methods and practices that lead to the development of a cumulative knowledge base in psychology.


Emma Somer

I received a B.Sc. in Neuroscience from McGill University. My current research interests include mediation analysis, single-case experimental designs, methods for handling missing data, and latent variable models.


Nikolas Argiropoulos

Camiel van Zundert

Sarah Hammami

Interested in joining the lab?

Requests from undergraduate students interested in joining the lab will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Coursework in statistics (PSYC 536/439 or equivalent courses in other departments) and experience with R are desirable. 

To apply to work with me as a PhD student, submit your application through the McGill Psychology Department.

To apply to work with me as a postdoc, email the following materials: a cover letter; CV; a 2-3 page personal/ research statement speaking to relevant coursework, research skills and interests, and what research you hope to pursue in the lab; up to three sample publications; and the contact details of three referees to

For more information on the postdoc position, see the pdf description:

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